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When You Might Need Some Support, We are HERE!

Math might not come easy to all, especially when it comes to distance learning. We are here to provide sites dedicated to learning math, and support through those sites when needed.  If you like what we have done for you, "Buy Me an Ice Cream" or donate to our local animal rescue "Last Chance Animal Rescue."

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All free to access videos.  If you need help, remember to reach out!

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For Math Grades 6th to Alg 2. 

Free videos on different topics. Also can access free worksheets to follow along with the video, then self practice. Unfortunately, answer keys are not available for free.  But, feel free to reach out for help!

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Math for every grade level

This site provides different videos for different topics of math at every grade level.  But, also provides videos for every subject almost imaginable. Can't find exactly what you are looking for? Reach out for help.

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Great for Pre-Algebra and lower Level Math. 

BrainPop can be used for Pre-Algebra math skills and lower.  They show animated videos about the topic, then have quizzes you can complete to test knowledge.  Not only do they work with math, but they work with other subjects as well.  Right now, free trials for at least 30 days.

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Have a student taking a Regents exam in Math? This is a great site!

Jmap has posted all the NY State Math regents exams, with answer keys.  You can also access worksheets by topic, and the answer keys are there as well! I suggest starting with older regents, as your teachers probably will use newer regents exams to teach with. 
Not in NY State, we still teach the same topics as other states, our Regents is just like a final exam.

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Click the "Personal Support" Button. Include pictures, screenshots and questions.

Happy with the help and resources? Feel free to "Buy us and Ice Cream" (we don't drink coffee) or "Donate to Last Chance Animal Rescue".  Link at the top of the page.

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Not Just Your Mind

Great sites for at home exercise for different age groups and abilities.

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by GK

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Custom and Stock Leotards


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Gym Gear and Accessories

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Any questions or concerns, please contact us by email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Located in Oakdale, New York

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